Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cam & Company--- A Perfect Ten

    A bowling strike.   Bo Derek.   The Carolina Panthers.    All examples of a "perfect 10."    On any day but Sunday (if she were available), I might be tempted to choose Bo Derek over the Panthers.   But today--- no one beats the Panthers.   Absolutely no one.

Panthers Roll over the Skins
   Cam and Company rolled over the Washington Redskins today 44--16-- to go 10--0 on the season. The Panthers were good in almost every area.   They dominated the running game.  The Panthers outrushed the Redskins 142 --14, with Jonathan Stewart leading the way. Carolina out--yarded the Redskins 368--186.   

CAREER DAY FOR NEWTON _________________________

    QB Cam Newton had a career day, hitting five different receivers for a record five touchdown passes.   As usual, Newton's yardage stats were not astronomical, but he made it count whenever he got in the Red Zone. Rookie Devin Funchess made several impressive catches today, as did Ted Ginn, Jr. , but today's receiving was balanced among several Panthers players.

Cam Newton & Panthers : Perfect Ten
      The Panthers defense dominated  the Redskins offense.    When they weren't sacking the Redskins QB, they were hurrying him.   The Panthers also won the turnover battle, forcing four fumbles and an interception.  Carolina held the Redskins to only 14 yards on the ground. Most of the Redskins production came in the first quarter, or at the end of the game when it no longer mattered.  The Redskin scores came on an interception, a kickoff return, and a safety in the final seconds.

WHAT NEXT? __________________________________

   Okay--- so what for an encore?   We're 10--0.   That "10" looms large, but to me, it's also the Big Zero.   We have NOT lost yet.    The last time the Panthers lost was in the preseason, and before that, in the divisional playoffs against the Seahawks.   Going back to last season, the Panthers have actually won 14 straight regular season games (and still counting).

       We look invincible.  Undestructible.   Unbeatable.   Wait a second--- unbeatable?   No one (theoretically) is unbeatable.    What about that old adage--- any team can beat another team on any given day?     Go back and read my blog "Smooth Sailing"--- the best thing going for our Panthers team is NOT their record--- but their attitude.   They insist on taking this season "game--by--game".   The veteran leaders on the Panthers--- both long--time Panthers and NEW Panthers--- are leading the locker room and practices--- and not allowing the rookies and others to get lackadaisical or overconfident.

   Next up-- Dallas.  With Tony Romo back.   Should be a good game.  Will we win?   I hope so. If we continue fielding the same type team that manhandled the Redskins today, then I think we'll keep on winning.   Going unbeaten is NOT unattainable.   It's just improbable.  The reason is-- at some point, a team usually will have a letdown.   If we DO have one, oh God, let it come during the regular season.   I hope we save our BEST football for the playoffs--- and--- dare I say it?--- 
The Super Bowl ?

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