Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's One Man's Worth?

   It's been almost six months since my last Panthers post.  While no games have been played, a lot has happened.  Trades have been made.  The NFL draft took place.   The Panthers are a better team.   Perhaps the biggest reason for this, however, just took place yesterday when the team agreed to pay quarterback CAM NEWTON an $103 million salary extension over five years.

   The last time that I remember being so excited about a pro football contract was reading about JOE NAMATH's (see my sports blog) contract with the New York Jets.  You see, at that time, I was not yet a Jets fan, but by 1968, I was following them, and that year they won the Super Bowl.  This was a pretty big deal because, at the time, the Jets were part of the new, upstart AFL, playing against the old, established NFL team Baltimore Colts.   After the Jets upset the Colts to win the championship, his $427,000 rookie contract paled in comparison to the team's accomplishments.

Quote by Marcus Aurelius
  In similar fashion, the Panthers are paying their QB an enormous sum (the biggest in NFL history) to keep him in the fold, and hopefully pave the way to a championship.  NEWTON himself said that his main focus is "bringing a Lombardi (Super Bowl) trophy to Carolina."  Will it happen?   Maybe.  But maybe not right away. 

  What about this season?   Well--- it could happen, but nothing's for sure.  I've taken a look at our schedule, and we have an away game against NFL champ Seattle, and then a tough three-game home stand against the Eagles, Colts, and Patriots.   No blowover.  These four games in November could make a huge difference in the success of our season.  So we'll keep watch.  Hopefully, by then, the Panthers will be in the driver's seat for another division title or a playoff berth.

   Next up-- an article looking into the changes in the Panthers lineup since last season.  We'll welcome a new rookie receiver, welcome back a speedy veteran receiver, and look at some other additions on offense and defense.   The Panthers are a much better team this year, and we'll look at all of the reasons why.