Sunday, March 27, 2016

Super Bowl--- NOT Superb

    This will most likely be a short post.   I will try to keep posted on any Panthers off--season news.   But I'm still in "Panthers Rehab" since their Super Bowl debacle.   The biggest game in 13 years--- maybe the biggest in franchise history--- and we blow it.    Yes-- in some ways, it was oh so close-- but not the score.   
     We were within a field goal or a touchdown at times.  But never in control--- never ahead--- never having a real chance to win.   My friend gave up and went to sleep after the third quarter.   I stuck around and hoped things would turn around--- but they never did-- it just wasn't our day.   On Super Bowl Sunday, we shouldn't have to say that.  It should have at least been competitive  --but seriously, honestly... it just wasn't.

The Super Bowl was a Blooper Bowl
     Still, although it seemed a lopsided loss, a couple of plays may have made the difference. 

     In the first half, Cam Newton was sacked near the Panthers goal line, fumbled, and it was recovered in the end zone by a Broncos player for what has to be the easiest points ever scored in Super Bowl history.  We practically handed it to them.   

     Then, in the second half, a Peyton Manning pass was intercepted, then we fumbled it back to them, inside the 10--yard line.  Another "gimme play".   On another play, a Panthers receiver was ruled out--of--bounds or incomplete inside the five--yard line, and we had to settle for a field goal.   

     If any-- or all-- of these plays had gone the Panthers way, it could've been a different ball game.   At least on paper.

   Could've--- Would've--- Should've--- yep.   It was THAT kind of a day.  And I've been in mourning for the last two months.   It's amazing that I can even remember any vague details of the game's plays, since my mind is doing its best to forget them.

Kelvin Benjamin:
Panthers Comeback
     Since the end of the season, we've scored a couple of Free Agent acquisitions, resigned some veterans, and will be looking forward to the upcoming college draft to fill some more gaps.   But all in all, the Panthers are looking better than ever for 2016-17.    

     One of the biggest pluses is getting WR Kelvin Benjamin back from an ACL injury that sidelined him all of this past season.   We could've really used him, especially in the Super Bowl.    He led the Panthers (as a rookie) with over 1,000 yards receiving.   He will be counted on to recapture his starting role as the Panthers' top pass catcher.  
      Congratulations to the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning.  He went out a winner.   I'm hoping that our experience in a losing cause will serve us in bouncing back with another successful year and playoff run --- maybe even another Super Bowl.