Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Even Stevonne at 3-3

  My hope is to publish a new Carolina Panthers post every week.   This has been a difficult task, it seems, so far this season.   Some weeks, I have just been too plain disgusted to write anything about the Panthers.  Other weeks, just haven't found the right time to do so.

  I just now found out that wide receiver Steve Smith's real first name is "Stevonne".. hence the post title "Even Stevonne at 3-3" !   Interesting.

  Prior to the past two Sundays, I had almost given up on the Panthers team.  They were 1-3 and looking horrible.. but Hurray!   The Panthers have seemingly raised their standard and rallied to win two games in a row, to even their season at 3-3.   As excited as a fan can get, I still realize that they are now just back at square one, it's as if the season is just starting over again.  Plus- and this is a scary thought-  they are facing a ominous November schedule-  with the 49'ers and the Patriots in successive weeks.

  The Panthers defense is rated third overall in the NFL. As of last week, they were tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for LEAST POINTS ALLOWED with 68, an average of less than 12 points a game!   The Panthers actually improved on their APA average by holding the Vikings to a mere 10 points.

So after mauling the Vikings 35-10 and dominating the Rams 30-15, all the Panthers can boast is that they are now a good team with a mediocre record (of 3-3).   

Imagine this- if the Panthers had scored just an average of less than one more touchdown per game, they would be 5-0 and the NFC South division leader.  In their first two games (in which they went 0-2), they lost one game on a lost fumble at their opponent's 8-yard line, and the other game on a TD pass with only two seconds left on the clock.

  They are SO-O-O-O-O close to being a GOOD TEAM, which makes reality even tougher to swallow.

  Ohh well- another post after the Bucs game tomorrow night- maybe the Panthers will actually have a winning record !


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